Product Portfolio :

We are a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and trader for a wide range of pharmaceutical products as well as the niche category of nutritive pharmaceutical products. We maintain high standards of manufacturing our own range of products and follow strict quality control in procuring products for sale. We believe in offering a wide range of products to cater to client requirements across several sectors of health care. Our product range includes the following-

  • »   Fifovit
  • »   Fyzole
  • »   GE90
  • »   Gecefi 100DT
  • »   Geflon 200mg
  • »   GeKold
  • »   Get-OD
  • »   Get-OO
  • »   Getpar
  • »   Getxime 250&500mg
  • »   GOL-50
  • »   Pirahar GEL
  • »   Pirahar SR
  • »   Vita-Cad

 Research and development :

We are very focused on research and development on the range of products that we offer. To achieve industry standards in this area, we have established an exclusive research and development wing. Our committed research team has contributed substantially to our improve and diversify our product range. The qualitative improvement that the client s today commend us about are due to invaluable inputs from the research and development team. It is because of this specialized wing we are able to offer customization of our product range. Our team is enabled to meet the development work and delivery formulation for any customer specifications. They constantly upgrade their professional skills to ensure that they achieve greater research and development capabilities.

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