Our Team :

We are successful pharma domain trader and manufacturer because of our dedicated and committed team. We have a team of highly skilled technicians, pharma domain experts, production experts, dedicated research and development team and Totally quality Management team. Our production team is the most motivated and their dedication and commitment to quality inspire the rest of the team from financial department to the marketing and sales teams to offer their best skills to ensure that we offer only the best product range to our clients.

Our Quality Assurance :

As a company in the pharmaceutical domain maintaining exemplary standards in terms of quality manufacturing premises and quality product are very important. Our attempt towards this end is to encourage our technicians; professionals to conform to the international standards required by WHO as well as the GMP standards. Our team is committed to ensuring the required quality standards are met as they are professional aware that quality products are essential for complete cure of diseases and effective treatment in terms of medicines. They adopt the necessary practices to maintain high quality standards for all the products manufactured at our modern facilities.

Logistics and Timely Deliveries :

The key to a successful business practice is being able to deliver quality products, on strict deadlines and at competitive prices. Our committed team of professionals across departments – from production to the logistics team ensure we deliver on all the three counts by maintain very productive processes to optimize production of our goods. This translates into better pricing and time management allowing us to deliver each consignment on time every time. Our clear and concise delivery procedures help in reducing the turn over time in deliveries and our reliable network for transport and other logistics are our backbone to ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting deadlines despite challenges every time.

Warehousing & Packaging :

We adopt sophisticated storage and packing techniques to ensure that our product range follows the required standards of packaging. The industry standards for storing and forwarding of drugs and pharmaceuticals are very strict and requires complete adherence to the standards. Besides, such exacting standards help us maintain our superior standards of production and deliver quality products to our clients. Packaging of pharma products are very critical and need to go through stringent quality control standards. We ensure that we follow these strictly for timely forwarding and delivery of products to critical locations.


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