Company Profile :

Manufacturer, wholesaler and trader of domestic marketing and international marketing which include pirahar GEL, GOL-50, GE90, gekold(tablets), getxime - 500, getxime 250(tablets), get-OO(tablets), geflon 200(tablets), getpar(tablets), fyzole-D etc.

We are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, trader and wholesale dealers of a wide-spectrum of drugs, gels and enhancers to serve the pharmacological needs of the clients. We have a dedicated research and development team that is optimized for finding the most effective delivery formulation as well as development work to customize products according to client requirement.

Our dedication to quality is a very important factor that has helped us establish ourselves as the market leaders in these dual segments of core pharma-products like analgesics, antibiotics and gels to premium dysfunctional corrective lifestyle drugs. We also innovative and leverage our exposure to pharmaceutical industry to offer supplementary nutrition drugs such as our calcium based products that have very high absorption values of close to 22-27%.
Besides our sectoral dominance across products matched by the most competitive pricing policy continues to help us maintain our standards and remains unmatched by most of the competition in this sector.

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